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Punk Digital Marketing Academy Aurangabad.

We are the First Digital Marketing Training Academy in Aurangabad to offer Digital Entrepreneurship Programme.

Why you Should Learn Digital Marketing Course in 2022?

Hence the demand is high for Digital Marketers. It’s a skill that helps you upgrade and opens the door to plenty of new opportunities and growth. We at PUNK DIGITAL MARKETING ACADEMY strongly believe that Digital Marketing is not only just a course but also a new career pathway with the help of you Become.

Digital Entrepreneur

It is the new era of internet revolution with the help of digital skills you will be become a Digital Entrepreneur and start your own DM agency startup.

Digital Marketing Consultant.

DM consultant is most high demanding job in 2020 because every business requires marketing with the help of this skills you can consult to other businesses as well as your own business.

Become a Personal Brand.

If you are experts in any niche like cooking, writing, entertainment, education and coaching etc. With the help of digital marketing, you can reach many people and create a strong personal brand .

Become a Freelancer.

Digital Marketing freelancer is a new way to work from in your free time and earn money as per your convenience. If you want to become a freelancer so you want to learn these skills and boost your freelance career from anywhere.

Social Media Manager.

Social media marketing manager because there are 75% of people active on social media and it is increasing day by day with the help of social media skills you will become a social media manager.

Blogger and Influencer.

With the help of blogging, you will become an influencer and start earning a passive income so stop wasting time and learn these skills with the help of Google or any source.

About the Punk Digital Marketing Academy.

We are the first Digital Marketing Training Academy in AURANGABAD to offer Digital Entrepreneurship Programme, Exclusively Customised to Meet the Requirement of Progressive Businesses and Corporate.

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Our Mission.

On a Mission to Help Out to the Students & Small Entrepreneurs to Teach Digital Marketing and Create Digital Entrepreneurs’

Why Choose Us

We are one of the leading Digital Marketing & Digital Entrepreneurship Training Academy in Aurangabad started with the idea of revolutionizing Digital Marketing in Aurangabad Maharashtra.

Work on Subdomain

For practical and 100% live learning purpose we provide you subdomain & hosting with the help of you can learn on your own project.

Digital Entrepreneurship

We are the first training academy of Aurangabad to offer digital entrepreneurship programme for the Aurangabad students with the help of you become a digital entrepreneur.

Assured Internship

At Punk Marketing Academy we are offering the all the candidates internship opportunity, After joining our academy students can join & work on our clients projects.

Learn 20+ Modules

At Punk Marketing Academy, We teach you 20+ advance digital marketing modules with help of you become expert digital marketer.

Live Campaigns

Run live spending Facebook, Instagram & google ads campaign with the help of you will get a live experience and learn how the actual campaign works.

Job Assistance

At Punk Marketing Academy we are offering the all the candidates Job placement assistance.

Skills you'll learn at Punk Marketing Academy.

100% live training and 30+ corporate-based modules with the help of you can become an expert’s digital marketer.

Basic & Fundamentals of Marketing.

what is fundamental of marketing? basics of digital marketing? scope of digital marketing and its importance, so before you start to know the fundamentals of marketing and its mandatory to know every freelancer, organization, and students without knowing a fundamental you can’t achieve your end objectives & results so in this modules we teach you basic & fundamental of marketing.

Website Development.

This module is all about to the website development & creation by using a WordPress CMS platform you can learn and create your own stunning a WordPress website.

Media Planning & Media Buying

Media planning and media buying it is a very important part of marketing, in this module, you will learn which media is perfect for your niche and where to spend the money.

Graphics Designing.

In this module, You will learn the graphics designing like all social media posts, animation, video editing, presentation and much more with our creative designer team.

SEO & Local SEO.

In this module, you will learn the search engine optimization and different different techniques and tools with the help of you can increase your website natural ranking. Topics: On Page SEO,Off Page SEO and Local SEO.

Google Ads.

In this module, you will learn the google ads live campaign and different ads types like PPC, Display Ads, Youtube Ads, Video Ads and App install etc.

Social Media Marketing and Automation.

In this module you will learn the social media marketing paid and organic marketing strategy + learn the 5+ social media automation tools.

Content Marketing & Strategy.

As we know the content is the king in marketing without content strategy you can’t deliver your message to end user and achieve your end objectives our experts content creator trainer teach you the content marketing strategy.

Podcast Marketing & Product Photography.

Podcast marketing is another booming platform in 2020 so here we teach how to create podcast and promote your blog. Product photography is also the part of digital entrepreneurship so here you will learn the basic product photography with our professional photographer.

Google Analytics & Google Search Console.

In this module, you will get learn about the google analytics and google search console it help you get the exact idea about your search engine optimization and indexing.

Affiliate Marketing & Google Adsense.

In this module, you will learn the affiliate marketing and Google Adsense with the help of you will monetize your blog, vlog and start your career as affiliate marketer.

Lead Generation.

Every business wants sales and leads so as a marketer you want perfect lead generation strategy our experts teach you the lead generation strategy. In this module, you will learn how to generate the leads for your business and clients by using lead generation strategy (organic and paid)

Who should learn digital marketing course and why?

If you are school or college student it is the best time to learn these skills with the help of you can early kick-start your career as a digital marketer, blogger, vlogger, influencer, graphics designer and much more.

If you are fresher so it is a perfect course for you, the reason is the digital marketing is the technical skill with help of you can stand out a different from others and the demands are enormous so let’s dive into the era of digital transformation.

If you are looking for a job so digital marketing skill is perfect for job seekers reason is every organization or small businesses require digital marketing and now a day’s the demand of digital marketers is too enormous worldwide.

with the help of internet and digital marketing you can get your business internationally and target your end customers based on geographically, interest-based, behaviour based on one click. A good plan digital marketing strategy can help out to reach your target customers at a much lower price than any other traditional marketing methods. You can run your own business online campaigns on your own if you learn digital marketing.

Because constantly increase the internet users day by day so If you are musician, author, professor or any of fields you should learn these skills and promote your personal brand or services through it. Like if you are a singer so you can promote your songs through it or if you are an author so you can promote your articles globally through blogging skills.

The Greatest people.

Our team


Co-Founder & Trainer

My travel & tourism start-up failed called travellttude.com. That was my first encounter with failure.
At the age of 10, I started my entrepreneurial journey with a lot of dreams in my eyes.
I was working in my dad shop to earn some extra pocket money. From relying on parents’ pocket money to making 1,000 a month.
I faced lots of difficulties but gained a new perspective as well.
But, the journey had just started and I had a long way to go.
Then gradually I got interested in Digital Marketing & Growth Hacking and after the Masters, I started freelancing.
After so many years of side hustle, in January 2021, I started my own academy named Punk Digital Marketing Academy and build the strongest clients which completed 50+ projects across the Globe in the next few years.
We made a website, Sale funnels, Social media strategies, Marketing automation strategies which helped our clients to increase their turnover up to 8x time in just a span of 6 months.

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